Immediately after an AVCOG (Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments) presentation on Formed Based Code the Selectmen called their regular scheduled meeting to order at 6:00pm.  Minutes were approved for the December 7, 2020 Selectmen’s meeting and the December 8, 2020 TIF Public Hearing/Selectmen’s meeting.

Under Public to Speak on Non Agenda Items a suggestion was made that public input be solicited to determine what the “Vision” is for the development of the TIF District.  This helpful public feedback could be incorporated into an upcoming Comprehensive Plan update that is not dependent on the outcome of the TIF vote.  The “vision” or desired outcome, needs to be understood so that appropriate building and zoning codes are in place to attain the stated goals of the public input on the TIF District.  The Board agreed to form a committee early into the new year to work on this.

Under Old Business the Selectmen approved the second reading of the Grant Writing and Grant Acceptance Policy and the second reading of Article 9 of the Personnel Policy, Personnel Time Off.

As a follow up to Consolidated Communications’ Broadband Proposal, the Selectmen have scheduled a meeting with the surrounding Plantations on December 30, 2020 to gauge interest in acting on the proposal.

The land transfer to the Rangeley Firemen’s Association was tabled until more information was available on the timeline and cost sharing.

New Business included six month contract extensions with the HR and Economic Development consultants.  These contract extensions were renewed at existing compensation rates and now have the same time frame as the Town’s fiscal year.  A draft Union Negotiation Timeline was reviewed with a ready to negotiate date of January 28, 2021.  The Town is looking into the creation of a non interactive Facebook page to provide another venue for public access to Town information.  The TIF Special Town Meeting Warrant Article was approved for a March 9, 2021 Special Town Meeting.

The Town Manager Report included an update and timeline from Code Enforcement Officer Bailey Beers on Town Chapter 38 changes.  The CEO and Planning Board have been working on Chapter 38 changes for several months.  The next Planning Board workshop on Chapter 38 is January 13, 2021.  A major portion of this work covers Land Use Tables which lists the allowed land uses in each Zone and who has the authority to approve or permit those uses.  Those interested in determining if their land will be impacted by these new rules should attend a Planning Board meeting or ask at the Town Office how to review the proposed changes.

Congressmen Jared Golden sent a letter of appreciation to Rangeley Fire and Rescue for transporting Santa by fire truck to area children’s homes.  Santa and all of the Rangeley community are thankful to the Departments for assisting with the distribution of holiday gifts to over 160 children.

The Selectmen voted to allow all Town employees to work only a half day on Christmas Eve.
Their next regularly scheduled meeting was scheduled for January 4, 2021.  Their second monthly meeting was rescheduled to January 19, 2021 to accommodate the Martin Luther King holiday on the 18th.  The meeting adjourned at 7:09 pm after the Selectmen expressed wishes that all would have a Merry Christmas!

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