For the past five years Donald Trump has preached bigotry and violence against those who don’t agree with him. He has continued this speech since taking office. On Jan. 6, he incited terrorism and insurrection as he spoke to his supporters for two hours, with the result of them taking over and damaging the Capitol.

When the lie of saying the election was rigged is said often enough, many started to believe it. Those congresspeople who chose to curry favor with Trump and his supporters by objecting to the legal electoral votes have a share of this responsibility.

He has shown he is mentally unstable and is a danger to our country. His speech and actions on the 6th prove how dangerous he is to our country. He should immediately be removed from office either by impeachment, or declared incompetent.

These were not peaceful protestors.

I am not at all confident that Republicans will finally speak up against Trump. Can we honestly continue to call ourselves the pillar of democracy in the world?

Every Republican member of Congress and the administration who has not called out Trump for his lies and calls to violence are complicit in responsibility for the attempted insurrection.

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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