Solar Provider Group is proposing an 11,000 solar panel array off route 4 and Gibbs Mill road in Livermore. The darkened area in this screenshot shows where the panels would be placed. Submitted photo

LIVERMORE — Administrative Assistant Aaron Miller told selectpersons Jan. 5 of a proposed solar project on land leased along Route 4 and Gibbs Mill Road.

Solar Provider Group, based out of Toronto, Canada, wants to install 11,000 solar panels, Miller said.

“The company has been advised to submit a site plan review, send notification to abutters,” he said. “The Planning Board will take it up at their Jan. 21 meeting.”

Livermore passed a Limited Commercial Zoning Ordinance in 2017 that allows development along route 4, Miller noted.

When looking at the project map, it doesn’t really border Route 4, Selectperson Scott Richmond said.

The parcel being leased is off Route 4, the entire parcel is what we’re looking at, Selectperson Brett Deyling said.

“There’s going to be some questions here,” Miller said. “The outside line is the property line, the solar array is inside that. Have him apply, then we’ll knock it around.”

The name of the project, Long Pond Solar, was noted.

It is not located near Long Pond, Deyling said.

Miller referred to the section of the Limited Commercial Zoning Ordinance referencing the 250-foot requirement and what that meant. He said this project extends beyond 250 feet from Route 4.

“Do you need a variance if outside that area,” he asked.

Deyling said the area is pretty rural and there shouldn’t be any issues.

Miller noted the access way for the project is off Gibbs Mill road and asked if it should be off Route 4.

Selectperson Scott Richmond voiced concern abut what happens to the panels when the lease expires.

“That’s a concern,” Deyling said. “You can’t just throw those panels out.”

He noted the solar development would make the property more valuable, assessed more than as forest land.

If Livermore is seen as friendly for solar, it may boost the town’s tax base, Deyling said.

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