This is just more of the cancel culture that is taking place in America by many. Just because Marc Jalbert – in his letter published Jan. 12 in the Sun Journal – disagrees with our elected officials for objecting to electoral votes, he feels they should be somehow removed from office.

What they did was legal and allowed by U.S code, and Congress was following proper protocols that are in force for this situation. The objections would have been discussed, resolved, and the vote continued with the outcome of the election not changing. The objections, had they followed through, would have detailed the reasons for their objections.

We may not like what goes on in our Congress, but our Constitution needs to be the law. Perhaps Marc’s memory is also clouded, as this objection to the electoral votes has been used by both sides before. And with Marc’s scenario there would be many, many faces missing from Congress.

Plus, we would no longer need to consider setting term limits.

Peter Lavallee, Lewiston

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