There are calls to let the past go, asserting that the prosecution of the president and his followers’ crimes will only further divide the nation. I adamantly disagree.

To ignore the crimes of the president and his supporters is to acknowledge and accept that this country is not governed by laws, but by class. The rich and privileged need only obey the law, that they may not harm others of rank and privilege. As a country, we fought a revolution, a civil war and two world wars to oppose that very concept.

If Democrats do not pursue the prosecution of all crime because it will upset a portion of the population, then we must concede that we are not a democracy but an oligarchy that offers sham elections. Neville Chamberlain and the rest of the world found out the results of appeasement.

I cannot and will not support that route.

To govern a country or one’s life by expediency is to accept the thesis that humans are equivalent to amoeba — that morals, and right and wrong, do not exist, and only personal interests apply.  If that is what we are as humans, then we have no claim to superiority, or any reason to proclaim our existence has any value.

John Kuchta, Hanover

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