To the Editor:

President Donald Trump has endured nearly five years of the most consistently negative and vindictive treatment by the leadership of the Democratic party of any U.S. president in history. It actually began even before Trump was inaugurated in November, 1916 with members of the Obama administration justice department and the then director of the CIA, John Brennen proceeded to arrest and prosecute General Flynn on the pretext of his colluding with the Russian intelligence agencies on trumped up charges, which were proven unfounded even after years of trials and investigations.

The real reason for this activity was that General Flynn “knew too much” about what was going on in the American military and intelligence agencies in Washington D.C. that the Democrats could not prove that Trumps personnel were “colluding with the Russians” if they tried to implicate Trump.

At the same time, FBI director James Comey, once he was fired by President Trump, proceeded to call for a “Special Prosecutor” to investigate Trump and some of his appointees’ collusion with the Russians over the past few years. Former FBI director Robert Mueller was then appointed as a Special Prosecutor to investigate all things Trump as they related to Russian Collusion. This investigation, with its dozens of Democrat leaning attorneys, continued for more than two years unabated, and found no substantive evidence of criminal behavior by the Trump Team during that time.

The Democrat House of Representatives, led by Nancy Pelosi, not satisfied by the Mueller investigation’s conclusions, began preparing charges for the impeachment of President Trump. She appointed Representative Adam Schiff to investigate and lead the impeachment effort. Schiff and his cronies assembled a list of “Trumped up” charges, all demonstrably false, were compiled and brought to the Senate for trial, where Trump was found innocent and dropped the charges.

Following this disaster, Speaker Pelosi directed other members to investigate Trump’s income taxes, looking for fraud there. To this point, I have not heard of any substantive findings, but I believe that a district judge somewhere in New York State is still looking into Trump’s taxes.

This brings us up to the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic virus which originated in Wuhan, China in November or December, 2019 and spread around this country and across the world during the course of 2020. President quickly recognized the danger of this threat in January and institute a travel ban against all air traffic that originated in China in order to delay the spread of this pandemic across the USA a move that Trump haters called xenophobic and racist. Trump was later cleared of this falsehood, but opposition grew against Trump as many Democrats blamed Trump for the American deaths caused by the virus (COVID-19).

Another factor which played a major role in the 2020 election was that the widespread cases of COVID-19 throughout this country that Democrats claimed they must be allowed to use “mail in ballots” on order to be able to maintain safe social distance to avoid contacts by people who were carriers of the virus. President Trump and other Republicans filed lawsuits against the use of Mail in Ballots due to the likelihood of voter fraud with this type of voting, but these suits were overruled by the courts. Which argued that mail in ballots were more able to keep voters “COVID-free.”

By the time Trump’s fourth year as president neared the November 4 presidential election between Joe Biden and President Trump, the unprecedented opposition and degeneration of Trump’s accomplishments by Democrats and other “Trump haters” began to erode his popularity among voters, to the extent that the 2020 election was won by Joe Biden, despite many claims of voter fraud which were not deemed significant enough to be overcome by Trump’s attorneys.

Some of these claims of fraud were a number of voting precincts where there were more votes cast for Biden than there people of legal voting age in the precinct. There were also a number of claims that quite a number of votes by “dead people” or people who no longer resided in the district who voted for Biden. There were also a number of claims that vote counting machines built by a company called Dominion voting were rigged to register every vote printed out a vote for Biden no matter which candidate voter pulled the lever for, the vote came out with Biden’s name on it.

Now that the election is over, Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants Congress to impeach President Trump before the Scheduled inauguration of the next president on January 20, 2021. There are several legal arguments that argue that another impeachment is or is not legal. It seems to me that an impeachment trial with less than two weeks before the next inauguration is the worst case for the American people at this point because there is no useful purpose in pressing such a case.

The only positive effect of impeaching President Trump at this point in time would be that Speaker Pelosi could finally claim a victory over Trump after trying and failing to enjoy a victory over Trump after four years of trying and failing to beat him! Further, to impeach Trump at this late date would surely create a mountain of anger and disappointment among the millions of loyal Trump supporters who have supported and loved him for all of the last four years full of many positive results by President Trump. It is also possible that another disappointment for Trump supporters could result in some more destructive protests which could disrupt the inauguration of the new President Biden!

Richard Grover
Mason Twp.


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