100 Years Ago: 1921

Lewiston and Auburn Catholic priests have criticized the French drama that is appear shortly at the Empire theatre under the direction of George Filteau, that regardless of the unfavorable comment of his plays, all amateur productions he will engage, the two he has planned for this winter, immorality and suggestive qualities are the objects of attack.

50 Years Ago: 1971

Grosbeaks Are Here. While most birds fly south for the winter, to Aubrey Miller of South Auburn it is obvious that all of them don’t go south of New Auburn, at least. The past couple of weeks he has spotted several Evening  Yellow Grosbeaks in the area, and this morning he noticed a flock of about 40 of the birds, a rarity in this area at this time of year.

25 Years Ago: 1996

Thanks to Suzanne Biddie’s parenting class, clients of the Abused Women’s Advocacy Project shelter will have some comfort warmth when they leave the shelter. Over the last several months, Biddle’s class, consisting of a dozen juniors and sensors from Edward Little High School, has been handcrafting a number of homey items with the intention of presenting them to AWAP. They had hoped to make the presentation during the holidays, but snow cancellations forced postponement of that until Friday. Items donated included a number of colorful pillows, blankets, quilts and other items that add warmth to a home. “I thought it would be a nice opportunity for the parenting class to develop some sort of value in giving and sharing.” Biddle said. “Parenting is not always about getting something. An important part of parenting is the knowledge of sharing something.” On hand to accept the gifts was Caj (pronounced Ky) MacDonald, Children’s advocate at AWAP. MacDonald took time out to thank the students for the donations and tell them a little about AWAP.

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