STRATTON — The Dead River Area Historical Society’s pictorial 2021 calendars are available. The cover features “The children of Edward and Alice Scribner: 1956, Judy holding Melissa, then Kathy and Randy holding Brenda.”

Monthly photos are as follows: January, the Village of Stratton circa March 1924; February, Gas Lombard run by the Eustis Lumber Co., 1918; March, 11 sleds of white birch belonging to Stratton Mfg. Co., 1919; April, North Branch Bridge, April 1927 flood, Stratton; May, William (Bill) Arnold, Eustis Village, circa 1920; June, Dead River Fish and Game Association map, 1940.

July shows Middle Tow at Booming-out-place, Flagstaff Lake near Stratton; August, Stratton Brook Bridge, Coplin; September, Robert Tague and mother Nellie (Nettie) Tague, 1945; October, Long Falls Dam construction, postcard photo, late 1940s; November, Dwight Lander and Ray Willard, 1952, at King and Barlett Camps; December, George W. and Florida Bachelder Family photo, 1919.

The back page of the calendar features a paragraph about each photograph.

The calendars are available at Pine’s Market, Fotter’s Market and T & L Enterprises. They can be purchased through the mail for $8, plus $2 postage. Send to Dead River Area Historical Society, PO Box 15, Stratton, ME 04982. There are many pictorial calendars left from previous years for sale at $2.50 each.

Those wishing may also order a cookbook for $6 each, or two for $10, from the same address.

For more information, call Mary Henderson at 207-246-2271.

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