The power of the word for good and evil cannot be underestimated, but only when the words are sincere.

Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. are the most notable examples of successful non-violent defiance of a government that’s failed its people. The platitudes from Democrat leaders about reconciliation and healing are far from sincere. The recent impeachment of President Trump is the absolute opposite of reconciliation and healing, and serves no legitimate purpose.

Lest we forget, 74 million real people voted for President Trump, and we believe in the Constitution, law and order, and that all people be held accountable for their actions and words. That would include all politicians, as well as the looters and arsonists from BLM and Antifa, and those who violated the law Jan. 6 in our nation’s capital. They and they alone should be held accountable for their actions.

Such behavior is not and cannot ever be protected under the First Amendment. The right only to “peaceably assemble” is protected.

If Democrat leadership at all levels of government genuinely desire now to be a time for healing, they might consider consistency in application of the law as a place to start, and show some genuine leadership and independent thought. At this point, I pledge to cooperate with the same level of sincerity and intent that the Democrat Party showed with the Republican Party for the past four years.

And don’t blame President Trump. This is the doing of Democratic leadership alone. Words have consequences.

Mary Jones, Otisfield

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