On behalf of the Auburn City Democratic Committee, we wish to publicly thank Susan Clements-Dallaire, the Auburn city clerk, and Liz Allen, of the city manager’s staff — as well as all the staff, including election workers — who worked on the 2020 November election in any way.

We appreciate the amazing effort that was made in preparing and carrying out the General Election in Auburn, making the people of Auburn safe and secure under difficult conditions. Not only was everything that we expected and wanted achieved, but efforts were made above and beyond the norm, by informing voters as best possible about the election, and offering transportation to the polls.

The workers have our heartfelt thanks in supporting our democracy as they did. It gives me great confidence to know that public elections are working well in Auburn.

In light of the events of the past few weeks, it is important to note places where our democracy is working well. This is one of many.

Fred Brodeur, chairman, Auburn City Democratic Committee

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