I write in response to Mary Jones’ Jan. 20 letter to the editor, “Trump impeachment will not heal.”

Mary writes, “The power of the word for good and evil cannot be underestimated, but only when the words are sincere.” She further states, “The platitudes from Democrat leaders about reconciliation and healing are far from sincere.”

She feels that Democrats are not sincere about healing our nation, and she pledges to cooperate at the same level that the Democratic Party showed the Republican Party for the last four years.

She doesn’t want us to hold Trump accountable for his failure to “follow the rule of law,” and doesn’t she recall that after Obama was elected president, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) said the only thing the Republicans will work on for the next four years is to make sure Obama doesn’t serve a second term?

It is time to end the finger pointing and playing the “blame game” if we are sincere in uniting “we the people.”

I do agree with her last line, “Words have consequences.”

Norman Smith, Poland

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