DEAR SUN SPOTS: There has been a great deal of “fixing up” this year and I have unearthed a couple of things that should be returned, if possible, to the owners. I was one of the costumers for Community Little Theatre’s 2001-02 season production of “The Sound of Music.” Several people loaned time period and location-correct clothing, but one item was separated somehow. It’s a Tyrolean-style jacket. I remember the donor lived north of Auburn along the Route 4 corridor.

If this strikes a chord with anyone, I can be reached at [email protected] or at 782-7895. I expect that the donor will be able to describe the color, etc. — Deb, Auburn

ANSWER: It would be fantastic if Sun Spots is helpful to you in finding the owner of this period jacket. I have to add that your letter is yet another nudge to motivate me to get on the ball with some “fixing up” and “cleaning out” as well. Thanks for that!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding the COVID-19 vaccines, I was directed from Franklin Memorial Hospital to a Maine Health site to preregister and I wonder how long to expect to wait to hear from them? Is it appropriate to try Franklin Memorial Hospital to see if new slots have opened up? — No name, no town

ANSWER: Do not keep calling if you have registered already. This action only overloads the system. Know that your doctor or health care system may reach out to you when the vaccine is available, and do your best to be patient. Be sure your health care provider has your correct contact information.

Since information is being added and changed so quickly by the Center for Disease Control and individual health care facilities, I urge all Sun Spotters to pay close attention to what Dr. Shah says during his Tuesday and Thursday 2 p.m. briefings and to review the information that can be found here: .

First and foremost, appointment availability is dependent on vaccine supply and we all know by now that the demand is far outweighing the actual number of vaccines that are being shipped into Maine. We also have to consider that this process needs safe, roomy locations for people to get the vaccine and enough hands on deck to actually administer it and complete any documentation. It’s a lot.

Please remember that this effort is new. The whole business is in its early weeks and it’s not the time to panic. Trust that so much work is being done to get everyone who wants to be vaccinated will get their shots as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Health care, public safety, and critical COVID-19 infrastructure personnel are still being vaccinated. Folks age 70 and over are also getting their vaccines as part of Phase 1b, as they become available.

Additional locations to be vaccinated are added as soon as they are ready, have the personnel available, and the vaccine. You can find the listing of sites as it stands so far here:

As you call to register for your appointment, remember that only Maine residents can get a vaccine in the state, and the location where you receive your first vaccine is where you have to return for your second, or booster, vaccine.

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