Farmington Police Department Office Manager Karen Kidd with her 2020 employee of the year recognition award. Kidd joined the department in July of 2019 and was praised by Interim Chief of Police Shane P. Cote for her dedication, commitment and positive attitude. Photo Courtesy of Farmington Police Department

FARMINGTON — The Farmington Police Department announced Office Manager Karen Kidd as employee of the year, and recognized Office Assistant Jocelyn Kelly, Officer Ethan Boyd and Sergeant Edward Hastings IV for their outstanding performance and work ethic.

Interim Chief of Police Shane P. Cote’s letter of appreciation commended Kelly for playing an integral role during the department’s year of transition from new leadership to ever-changing regulations.

“Your organizational skills and ability to find answers has kept us on track during a year of constantly shifting rules and expectations,” Cote’s Jan. 27 letter read. “Additionally, your ideas and dedicated work ethic have resulted in numerous improvements to our processes and physical office space.”

His letter also praised Kelly for bringing the new office manager up to speed despite only having worked at the department four months prior to Kidd. In a phone interview, Cote explained that Kelly was trained by the previous Office Manager Bonnie Pomeroy and provided integral assistance to Kidd’s incoming role as the department’s new office manager in July of 2019.

Cote’s letter also praised Kidd for her dedication and commitment. He noted her bright attitude that encourages a positive work atmosphere.

“Despite the constant challenges you continue to always have a positive attitude and maintain high spirits. Your humor and positive attitude are often uplifting, filling the office with laughter,” the letter reads. “This attitude is sometimes hard to find in our line of work and yours greatly stands above all others in remaining positive and upbeat, even when stressed.”


Officer Boyd who has served the department since December of 2019, was praised by Cote in a Jan. 27 letter for assisting Wilton Police Officers Lynch and Kyes with an assault case at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Wilton.

“Both Officers informed Wilton Police Chief Wilcox that your presence was helpful in resolving the incident professionally,” the letter read. “Chief Wilcox then informed me of the incident and commented that she is grateful for your service and that you are a credit to the Farmington Police Department.”

Cote said that Boyd is a valuable asset to the department who provides outstanding service to the community.

Hastings who has served the department as a sergeant since March of 2012, was also praised by Cote for assisting the Wilton Police Department with an OUI crash involving two young children.

“Wilton Police Chief Wilcox advised that you provided your advanced skills and training to help Officer Kyes obtain a search warrant for a blood alcohol test,” Cote’s Jan. 27 letter read. “You then stood by ready to assist in the execution of that warrant and the drawing of the suspect’s blood. Chief Wilcox observed that your efforts will have a positive impact on the outcome of this incident as well as a long-standing impact on the Officer’s of the Wilton Police Department.”

Wilcox informed Cote that Hastings’ assistance will have a positive impact on the OUI case and on the Wilton Police Department.

Hastings was also recognized by Cote as a valuable asset to the department who provides outstanding service to the community.


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