I’m both glad and surprised to find that we’re lucky enough to have a renaissance man, Isaiah Lary, as a sitting Androscoggin County commissioner.

In case people haven’t been keeping up lately on the county news, we have a commissioner who is better at constitutional law then the state attorney general, and smarter than the Centers for Disease Control and the majority of scientists involved in COVID-19 research. And, who has a better understanding of the power of the governor.

I am, of course, kidding.

While growing up I learned that most politicians had a place at the table somewhere between a car salesperson and ambulance-chasing lawyer. We have been known to get lucky once in a while. But recently I’ve noticed a few who believe if they get out the soapbox and say the same half-truth enough, enough people will believe it and start following like they’re the Pied Piper.

I might be wrong, but if people aren’t going to follow a rule, mandate or law, they should first pass the resolution or challenge it in court before just shouting out an opinion of their own.

Let’s be clear — this is a pandemic, not a pep rally.

Tim Ricker, Auburn

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