I am responding to Thomas Shields’ letter of Jan. 31, in which he questions President Biden’s mental acuity from afar.

The American citizenry observed the chaos of four years of Trump, and after watching the debates decided that Biden was the better choice by over 7 million votes. Arizona and Georgia, states with Republican governors and secretaries of state, both went blue and also now have two Democratic senators.

The election results were recounted several times. Mr. Shields seems to question Maine voting statistics — maybe a veiled reference to Trump’s big lie, which has failed to gain any traction in the courts, where over 60 decisions have been issued rejecting Trump’s election fraud claims.

Biden has chosen to attempt to reunite the parents and children separated under Trumps’ immigration policy, rather than waste money on a wall that wouldn’t work anyway.

The bottom line of 2020, I believe, is that the majority of Americans want a president who tells the truth, and who listens to scientists when dealing with the deadly COVID-19 epidemic in which the U.S.’s response under Trump — aside from vaccine development — was the world’s worst.

Bob Mennealy, Auburn

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