100 Years Ago: 1921

W. H. Sawyer, Jr., of Frye Street reports having seen a bluebird on College Street, Feb. 7 and that he heard him sing. Bluebirds were reported at Weymouth, Mass., about the same time. This is about the earliest record for several years.

50 Years Ago: 1971

Preparations are being made for demolition crews to start razing the First-Bank building at the corner of Court and Turner Streets in Auburn’s Great Falls Urban Renewal project area. All salvageable items are being removed before demolition will start. R. Lewis Bone, executive director, Auburn Urban Renewal Authority, said an effort would be made to salvage the large stone name plate. It identifies the building as the Shoe & Leather Bank, which it was long ago. After this building is demolished, only one other is to be razed in the project area, the Casco Bank and Trust Co. at the Auburn end of North Bridge.

25 Years Ago: 1996

Rebecca Martin, a Rumford native in the midst of a nationwide tour for her band’s debut album, has also so landed a role singing a song for the soundtrack of the Disney movie “Mr, Wrong.” The song, “Kisses Good,” is featured along with others by Amy Grant, Shawn Colvin and other well-known artists. Martin and partner Jesse Harris are Once Blue, a band that released its debut album in late October after signing with EMI Records in the fall of 1994. Harris and Martin have co written six of the songs on the album. EMI describes the band’s sound as “a blissful combination of smoke and savvy.” The debut album and the singing role on the movie sound-track appear to be overnight successes, but Martin has “worked Iong and hard throughout her life for the opportunity.” Her parents are Dr. Edward J. and Terry Martin of Rumford.

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