The Democrats are gung-ho to impeach President Trump. Since there is some dispute about whether they can convict a former president, I guess that still makes him president?

They claim he incited the attack on the Capitol. Extremist fringe groups have been operating for decades; nobody controls them.

The Democrats and media have been bullying Trump since 2016. They have taken things out of context and harped on them through news, talk show venues and press conferences. This constant assault stirs up those sensitive to their carping.

The Democrats, etc., have been expanding their assault to include all conservatives, calling us dumb racists. They put down the National Guard — who put their life on the line for them — as untrustworthy, because most of them are white. Talk about inciting racism.

Biden has rejoined the Paris agreement without renegotiating a fair deal for us Americans. Trump’s biggest problem was that we’re paying the highest price and held to a higher standard than anyone else.

On a CNN interview with the NATO head, he said Trump didn’t try and destroy it but wanted a fair shake. The media, etc., stopped harping about it.

Oil may be a pollutant, but it burns up, and our cars and factories are cleaner burning. I agree with reforestation to counter the pollution. Democrats are pushing electric cars without first solving the disposal of toxic batteries. These toxins have the potential to destroy our groundwater.

The “hate Trump at all costs” mentality still controls the Democrats, and hurts all of us Americans.

Patricia Bernard, Lewiston

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