Recently I saw an ad put out by Central Maine Power about New England Clean Energy Connect  promoting jobs for Mainers. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a cheap PR stunt, and I hope my fellow Mainers see through it.

If CMP were actually interested in hiring Mainers to work on this unpopular project, it wouldn’t have contracted Northern Clearing out of Wisconsin to clear the corridor. I just don’t buy their repeated promises of “Mainers first.”

Opponents of NECEC saw through this morally-bankrupt project long ago, but people on the fence about the corridor need to wake up and realize that NECEC is the project of a Spain-owned company, which has  partnered with Canadian government-owned Hydro-Quebec. These foreign corporations have one common interest: money.

Lots and lots of money.

The loggers in Maine are just out to make a living, but the shareholders of parent company Iberdrola are out to make a killing.

The corridor is worse than a bad deal for Maine.

Peter Mckeown, Turner

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