I have ancestors who came from Maine, and read the Jan. 20 Sun Journal article: “Lewiston-born twins find their father after decades-long search.”

When I first started reading the article, I figured it would be a case of two twin girls in their 30s searching for possibly a “sperm-donor dad.” I am pleased that was not the case. However, it was both intriguing (and unusual) that their biological mother had a traumatic brain injury as a child, and then they came upon Thomas Weller, who also suffered a head-injury when he was young.

The fact that together they conceived twins, and Mr. Weller “didn’t know” is astounding in itself.

I have used DNA test kits for my genealogy hobby, which has not only enabled me to find new relatives, but insights into “medical family histories.” This has been valuable to me in seeing ancestral health trends and longevity.

As an aside, my dad’s two sisters were twins, my mother was a twin, her mother (my grandmother) was a twin, and her mother ahead of her was a twin. Three straight generations is rare.

James Marples, Longview, Texas

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