DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am looking for a service where someone can come to my home once a week to take pictures of items I would like to sell locally online. They would probably only need to be here for about an hour at a time. I have a barn and house full of items and would pay a commission when the items sell. I could really use the help and live locally.—Kimberly, Auburn

ANSWER: If anyone knows of a professional individual or company that performs this type of service, please write to Sun Spots and I will connect you to the writer.

Caring Transitions of Coastal Maine may be able to help you with your project, Kimberly. They have years of experience helping people downsize (which they call “rightsizing”) and organizing. You can reach them at 207-218-5197, and can also read more at . They are a great team of caring people with a lot of knowledge and skills that can make your project easier and more efficient.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: You had a reader needing computer help (Feb. 9, Sun Spots) and the information you provided about my business was not enough to get in touch. Please update as follows: The email is [email protected]  and the phone number is 207-784-6295.

I also want to say I really appreciate you recommending local businesses as we need to keep connecting as a community. Keep up the good work. I believe this is a greatly needed service for your readers.—Buck, no town

 ANSWER: Thank you for bringing the omission to my attention, Buck. Good eye! I apologize for the mistake.

I also want to add that beginning in March, Buck will be going to homes to trouble-shoot and help with computer needs, if necessary. Most of his assistance is accomplished remotely, but sometimes an on-site visit is necessary. In case you are wondering how it all works, usually the assessment of a computer issue starts with a phone call then “the experts” take it from there. We all need knowledgeable techies in our lives, and I don’t know about you all, but I’m grateful we have great people in our communities who can provide this service.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding the letter looking for a home for free greeting cards, Bolster Heights would gladly take. Their little card rack definitely needs restocking and they do rely on donations. Bolster Heights is a wonderful caring facility located in Auburn.—No name, Lewiston

ANSWER: Excellent! I did think of them as a recipient of the cards mentioned in the Feb. 11 Sun Spots. Bolster Heights is on 26 Bolster St. in Auburn. The reader who asked about a place to donate the cards, and any others who have items to donate, can get in touch with them at 207-784-1364.

When you have items to give away or donate, it makes it so much easier for other readers to help you if you include your town and contact information so others can be in contact with you. I know it would be ideal to have your privacy protected, but Sun Spots cannot always be personally be available to connect you

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