Here are some facts that never got entered into the record at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

1. Mitch McConnell, Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham voted to convict Bill Clinton for lying to a federal grand jury about having sex in the White House with a woman other than his wife. They voted to acquit Donald Trump of incitement to insurrection and failure to defend the Capitol from a murderous mob.

2. In his final words to the insurrectionists, President Trump said “Go home, we love you; you’re very special.” We don’t know if Bill Clinton expressed similar sentiments to Monica Lewinsky. It’s not part of the trial transcript.

3. Bill Clinton voluntarily deposed to tell his side of the story. President Trump declined an invitation to tell his.

4. David Schoen, Trump counsel, appeared on Sean Hannity’s show and said Democrats are “using rhetoric that is just as inflammatory, or more so. The problem is, they don’t really have followers, you know, their dedicated followers, when they give their speeches.”

I decided to test his theory. His counsel showed countless Democrats use the word “fight” in their speech clips, and the result was no violent riots, let alone an insurrection. Donald Trump gave his inflammatory speech, and all hell broke loose on the Capitol. David Schoen was right; Democrats are just not dedicated enough.

5. Sen. Josh Hawley gave a clenched fist power salute to the mob as he entered the building. Donald Trump had a lot of enablers. Hawley voted to acquit.

George Howitt, Lewiston

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