BRIDGTON — When FBI Special Agent Andrew Drewer spoke to Rotary Club members and friends at last week’s meeting, everyone was on the edge of their seats.  At home, of course, because our speaker came to us via Zoom.  We hoped to get a fix for every would-be scammer out there.  However, it’s not that easy, especially during the pandemic when we are more isolated and getting our social interaction via social media and the telephone.

Agent Drewer said that Fraud is a major problem in this country.  Technology and people’s access to it has made everyone vulnerable. People can sit in internet cafes anywhere in the world and prey on folks in Maine.

Some DO’S and DON’TS

•  Always renew your anti-virus protection.

•  Never click on a link you don’t know about.

•  Unplug your computer.

•  Save your documents in I-cloud or external storage.

•  Don’t click on pop-ups.

•  Don’t wire money.

•  Never give out your social security number.

•  When in doubt, call police, another family member or a savvy friend.

•  Use your Credit Card, not your debit, for online purchases.

•  Check return email address when receive something from your internet provider, etc. which raises a concern.

•  Avoid public access Wi-Fi, when possible.

When Rotarians were asked about their biggest take-away from the presentation, Dick Enright replied “realizing just how vulnerable we all are and how important it is for relatives / friends to help elders to be aware of fraud”.

Julie Forbes said, “these scammers are crafty about befriending their victims and getting them in their camp to the exclusion of friends and family.”

Rotarians who are bankers in the finance business asked how they can support their clients.  Agent Drewer encouraged them to contact him.

He did provide some websites that could be helpful with information and tools.  Copy and paste in your browser.

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