Across the country senior’s programs have been shut down or significantly reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Seniors have been encouraged to stay at home, separating themselves from their loved ones. This has left many seniors isolated, lonely, unable to engage in socialization and in some cases struggling to meet their basic needs. Research has shown that isolation in older adults is correlated with higher risk of serious long term health issues and decreased life expectancy. Living in a rural community only increases the risk of isolation and loneliness.

Rangeley Health and Wellness has been committed to mitigating the risk of isolation for seniors by providing opportunities for socialization. Over the next few months, RHW plans to resume the HELP Adult Respite Care Program (HARC). Help Adult Respite Care (HARC) which started in 2016 provides aid for caregivers by creating a safe place where seniors with cognitive or memory impairment can participate in supervised activities designed to enrich their daily lives. Activities are catered to each individual and may include arts and crafts, games, therapy animals, music, and movement techniques. The program focuses on each participant’s capabilities, experience, interests, and personality. All of these activities are overseen by trained staff and volunteers who are patient, responsive and supportive. CDC guidelines for infection control measures will be strictly followed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all. To find out more information about the program or if you are interested in becoming a volunteer contact Heidi at (207) 864-9777 or [email protected] Inquiries are confidential and will comply with federally required HIPPA guidelines.

Seen here a previous, (pre-COVID) functional fitness exercise class.

Other senior services provided by RHW include Neighbors calling Neighbors and a free functional fitness exercise program offered twice a week. In addition, RHW recognizes the need to stay connected via technology. Any senior who needs assistance with either internet connectivity or use of technology is encouraged to contact us to take advantage of free education and resources to help them stay connected. For more information about all of our senior’s services, contact Joanne Dickson at 207-670-5236.

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