DEAR SUN SPOTS: I’m looking for two African violet clay pots. They are two fitted plant pots where one fits inside the other. If anyone has any and has no use for them, I am able to pay for them. My phone number is 402-4811. I can pick them up. — No name, no town

ANSWER: Any good garden center should have these pots in stock, but I hope another Sun Spotter can accommodate your request.

Terra cotta pots are ideal for African violets because the porous material allows the roots to breathe better and prevents the soil from staying too wet. African violet roots don’t go very deep; they like to go sideways, so don’t use a deep pot. Your pot must have suitable drainage holes so you can water from underneath. You can also get African violet-specific pots that have a terra cotta sleeve you plant in, and a water reservoir. Just remember not to leave them sitting in water for more than an hour.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Does anyone know where I might be able to buy women’s slacks with 25-inch inseams? — Gloria, no town

ANSWER: It sounds like you are quite petite so I would inquire wherever petite sizes are sold such as Macy’s, L.L.Bean and Land’s End. This also might be a good time to ask for recommendations for seamstresses who could make alterations. The Rolodex could use some updating in that regard!

Petite readers! Let us know where you purchase your slacks!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am curious if we are the only people who are unlucky with our mail delivery. We have had first-class mail for other people left here and they don’t even live on the same street. There are also days when I am convinced our street is not serviced. Mail is sometimes delivered at all hours and in the dark. What is going on? I know carriers have a difficult job, but it used to be better than this. — No name, no town

ANSWER: The United States Postal Service is definitely going through an unprecedented difficult time. I’m having the same experience with my mail that you are, and I know we’re not alone. The best thing you can do is call your local postmaster to relate your concerns and questions.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: For the individual seeking to find lost email, I would suggest they go on Facebook and join the Geek Talk forum. I have been using this for a while. They are by far the best computer forum out there and it costs nothing. — Fred, no town

ANSWER: That is good advice for people who are on Facebook or willing and able to sign up to be on this social media platform. I will check it out. However, many Sun Spots readers don’t want to partake of the likes of Facebook, etc. or don’t have the ready knowledge to navigate this site. For those people, local experts are the best means of getting answers and assistance. Writing to Sun Spots is a good way to reach out to those who can help.

This column is for you, our readers. It is for your questions and comments. There are only two rules: You must write to the column and sign your name. We won’t use it if you ask us not to. Please include your phone number. Letters will not be returned or answered by mail, and telephone calls will not be accepted. Your letters will appear as quickly as space allows. Address them to Sun Spots, P.O. Box 4400, Lewiston, ME 04243-4400. Inquiries can also be emailed to [email protected].



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