Since Baby Boomers (the “Me” generation) gained control of government they’ve managed to botch pandemic response, regulatory and tax reform, security, and war in the Middle East. The only president of that generation to oversee a balanced budget was Bill Clinton, and that had more to do with the fact that they followed the advice of congressional leaders from the previous generation than anything else. All that changed in 2000.

Since the election of George Bush Jr. the national debt has risen from $5.7 trillion to a whopping $27 trillion, a 474% increase. Were we a corporate entity we’d have filed for bankruptcy and restaffed.

Other governments have fallen under the control of a younger generation when faced with such failure. Not us, though — we just elected the oldest president in history largely because the Boomers continue to hold the most sway.

Though I’m happy Trump is gone, I long to see this government in the hands of a younger, more informed generation, preferably one that accepts the advice of its experts. Boomers made “baby” steps in that direction, I admit, but we can’t continue to move at their pace.

Jamie Beaulieu, Farmington

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