Rangeley, Maine (Feb 23, 2021) – With lift access above 4,000’, a vertical drop of 2,000’, the highest base elevation and most natural snowfall in the state of Maine, and the advanced terrain of the Kennebago Steeps, Saddleback has always been an impressive ski mountain. The story of Saddleback however, is much more than the story of impressive numbers or stats on paper. It’s the story of a family of down-to-earth and up-for-anything skiers and riders, who truly believe life is better outside, supported by a community committed to the future.

Saddleback is exceptionally pleased to announce that we will be joining the Indy Pass for the remainder of this spring, to offer more ways to visit our mountain AND for the ’21/’22 season. The Indy Pass is a multi-resort season pass which will now feature 63 independent ski resorts throughout the country. These resorts are committed to providing the best value and experience in skiing & riding, through a pass which offers tremendous diversity and opportunity for purchasers.

“We believe that the guests who have this opportunity to visit Saddleback through the Indy Pass, will not only contribute to our authentic culture and appreciate the spectacular skiing experience, but also spread the word about what a great feeling this mountain truly delivers,” said Doc Tulin, Director of Sales & Marketing.

Action sports leader, Teton Gravity Research (TGR), is on a quest to tell the story of “indie” or independent mountains around the U.S., featuring six resorts in the West and six in the East in a new short film, “In Pursuit of Soul.” The film will highlight the Indy Pass resorts that truly represent the core of skiing, examining not only the essence of the ski resorts, but also the communities in which such resorts thrive.

“TGR is a powerhouse with the passion and experience to uncover the unique energy and culture of resorts like Saddleback,” said Doug Fish, Indy Pass founder.

“To have a company like TGR coming to highlight the authentic, vibrant character of our resort is a really exciting moment for the resort and a community like Rangeley, which is so welcoming and up for anything,” adds Tulin.

Saddleback is not just another mountain. Being owned by Boston-based Arctaris Impact Fund, Saddleback’s mission goes beyond sucess a profitable ski area.

“Our mission is directly tied to helping solve some of the larger systemic challenges facing the local community and this serves as a touchstone for everything we do, both on and off the mountain,” said Andy Shepard, CEO and General Manager of Saddleback.

Saddleback’s approach to affordable skiing and riding is another piece in the mountain’s commitment to community access and support. With consistent lift ticket prices starting at $59 for an adult day ticket, Saddleback is a big mountain experience at a small mountain price.

Saddleback is also making great strides in expanding winter and summer outdoor programs. Over the past 5 years, while the resort was closed, people took to the slopes of Saddleback to climb, take in the spectacular views and make some nice turns down the natural snow pack. Saddleback is continuing this tradition of uphill travel with a new uphill route including more clinics and programs to inspire others to share in the joy of the outdoors. The mountain plans to add mountain biking, kayak and paddleboard tours, along with a host of other summer outdoor programs and events.

Plans of terrain expansion, new lifts, a solar farm, upgrades to the base lodge and a mid-mountain lodge for weddings and events are also in the works. This is just the beginning. The story of Saddleback is still being written.

When you sit on the deck at the base lodge or ride the new Rangeley lift and talk to folks, you’ll see the fabric of the Saddleback community; the people writing this ongoing story. They span generations, yet all come here for the same reason: the love for skiing and riding in a place they call home.

About Saddleback Mountain
Saddleback Mountain was established in 1960 and is known for its friendly, welcoming vibe, its exceptional hand-cut glades, long, snowy winters and a community of fun-loving people who are down to earth and up for anything. We are unique in the North American ski market in that we are owned by an Impact Fund, Arctaris Impact Fund, with a mission to invest in economically distressed communities across the country. Our mission is setting Saddleback on a path to financial sustainability, while also helping to solve for a number of community and economic challenges in western Maine, like affordable housing, quality, affordable daycare and workforce development. To learn more about the mountain and our plans follow us on Facebook at Saddleback Maine and online at: saddlebackmaine.com.

About Arctaris Impact Investors
Arctaris Impact Investors, LLC is a Boston-based impact investment firm with experience spanning more than 11 years, 6 funds, and both debt and equity investments. The firm manages the Arctaris Opportunity Zone Fund (2019), the Arctaris Impact Fund (2018), and three earlier Arctaris funds which invest in growth-oriented operating businesses and community infrastructure projects located in underserved communities. Founded in 2009, Arctaris has partnered with the Kresge Foundation, Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter’s Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, and multiple other foundation, federal and state government agencies to invest in Opportunity Zones, inner cities and targeted rural communities throughout the U.S., with the aim of delivering above-market investment returns alongside positive social impact. For more information visit arctaris.com.

About the Indy Pass
Indy Pass resorts provide an uncrowded and welcoming experience for individuals and families seeking great snow and varied terrain. As many skiers and riders seek less crowded, affordable ski areas where they can enjoy safe, winter recreation in the great outdoors., the Indy Pass is the answer, offering more resort options in North America than any other multi-resort pass.indyskipass.com/

About Teton Gravity Research
In 1995, Steve Jones, Todd Jones, and Dirk Collins pooled money they had earned as commercial fishermen and heli-ski guides to purchase camera equipment. Joined by longtime friend Corey Gavitt, they banded together to document the progression taking place in action sports. Yet rather than simply capturing this progression on film, they soon became instrumental in fueling it. With a commitment to showcasing the world’s top athletes—and creating a company driven by their input—the group founded Teton Gravity Research. From its headquarters in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, TGR began producing premier ski, snowboard, and surf films. Eighteen years and thirty-two films later, the company continues to evolve. Transcending film, TGR has emerged as a media force in action sports culture.tetongravity.com/
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