100 Years Ago: 1921

As a result of complaints made to the Auburn Chamber Commerce remarking the custom of the Lewiston and Auburn branch of the Grand Trunk Railroad Co. not opening the  Auburn station on Sunday evenings, that organization took the matter up with Supt. McNaughton of Portland, and beginning March 20, the station will be open every day and evening in the week. This will be a marked improvement in the service, as patrons of the road have been obliged to use the platform as a waiting room in times past and no little hardship has been incurred thereby.

50 Years Ago: 1971

Members of the Androscoggin Historical Society and their guests will hold their March meeting in the Davis Wagg Museum, County Court House, Auburn. next Tuesday evening at 7:30. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Awalt of Auburn have chosen as their subject, “‘Clang, Clang, went the Trolley.” Mr. Awalt will cover the high spots in the history of the Lewiston-Augusta—Waterville Road, while his wife will deal with the Portland Lewiston Interurban, which largely came about because of the driving energy of her grandfather, the late W. Scott Libbey. The Interurban is a very vivid part of Mrs. Awalt’s early recollections. In family circles it was one of the chief topics of conversation. For a year her father, the late Harold Shaw Libbey served as superintendent of construction. After the delays usually incident in an enterprise as involved as a railroad, passenger cars moved over the trails in July. Each Pullman type car had its own special name, theirs being the Arbutus. Mrs. Awalt and her brother, Channell, now a resident of Montana, was aboard.

25 Years Ago: 1996

A distinguished scholar of classical archeology will discuss near eastern and the Homeric poems in ancient Greece in a lecture at Bates College Monday at 7:30 in the Olin Arts Center Concert Hall. Nicholas Coldstream, Yates Professor in Classical Archaeology Emeritus of University College in London, will deliver the talk “The Rise of Greek Figured Art, Daily Life, Fantasy and Myth,” as the last of three in a lecture series. An honorary fellow of University, Coldstream is a member of the managing committee and trustee of the British School at Athens as well as a fellow for the British Academy and the Society of Antiquaries, London.

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