Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter addresses the Rangeley community, through the Rangeley Highlander and concerns the Arctaris development at Saddleback.

1. We are all, I believe, glad that a group finally acquired our beautiful mountain, and seem to be energetically improving it.
2. However, we should be clear about what Arctaris is, a group that does financial deals to secure their return, often using public funds, allowances and tax credits.
3. So what, you say? Well, that’s one view. Another is that public funds may cause the deterioration of Saddleback and Rangeley over time.
4. Arctaris proposes a huge solar array at Saddleback. On the face of it, that will secure much favor. But if you consider this further, it will be a major eyesore without returning any environmental benefit. Rangeley in winter gets, on average, less than three hours of sunshine. This is no “clean energy” project. Its only purpose is to snag subsidies.
I am a great fan of Saddleback, as most of us are. I’d hate to see it all go bad from the activity of the rent seekers at Arctaris. Consider what might be next, in a subsidy grabbing program.

Claude Roessiger

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