DEAR SUN SPOTS: Something touching I witnessed in a local business parking lot in Lewiston recently made me realize again that our instincts as fellow human beings always seem to prevail in moments of crisis.

I came to this scene minutes after the incident occurred; but in listening to the answers given by the two attending women, who were Somali, to the responding EMTs I learned that they witnessed an elderly (white) woman fall between two cars. She couldn’t move and had back and neck pain, and may had a broken her arm. They called 911, placed a blanket under the woman’s head, covered her with a raincoat, and waited until the ambulance arrived.

One woman cradled the fallen woman’s head in her hands the entire time, assisting the EMTs as they struggled between the cars to slip a body sled under the woman to transport her to the gurney and into the ambulance.

What a lovely thing it is, that our surface differences don’t matter in moments of crisis, and how beautiful it would be if they never did.

With time spans set aside, the view from 30,000 feet for me was this: here were two women from another part of the world who came to this country on time to be present in a sister’s moment of need, who required their help, and may have saved her life as they kept talking to her, to keep her from falling asleep. — Paul, Lewiston

ANSWER: What a beautifully written story, Paul. Know that you have touched many hearts by sharing it. Thank you so much.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: On Thursday, March 11, I lost a ruby and diamond ring while shopping. I have checked with the three stores I was in: Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby and JOANN Fabrics, with no results. This ring has great sentimental value to me.

I’m hoping someone out there may have found it. Please contact me at 783-3372. — Mary, Auburn

ANSWER: Sun Spots readers have had good luck in the past with being reunited with their lost items. Did you search your vehicle really well? Call the local pawn shops just in case someone brought it in.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: We have an old garage that needs to be torn down and need someone who will do it for a reasonable price. Does anyone know someone who will do this? Please contact me at 353-6965. — John, Lisbon Falls

ANSWER: I have St. Laurent Building & Sons Excavation Inc. ( in the Rolodex as a company who does residential demolition and many other tasks of that sort. They are in Lewiston and the number is 784-7944 or send an email to [email protected]

I’m also putting this out to Sun Spots Land and asking for more recommendations.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Many thanks to you and David (March 19 Sun Spots). You helped me with my question about the business which occupied the spot where Oak Park Apartments is now located. I think it must be Murray’s Shopping Center! That name had really escaped me. Thanks to both of you. — Joanne, Freeport

ANSWER: It takes a village! Sun Spots Land is full of fantastic, attentive helpers who I really rely on.

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