Everything the GOP stands for is rooted in religiously-based prejudice of some sort. Its members learned that basing their arguments on a Christian doctrine is a winning strategy, because Americans have been schooled in conservative logic that teaches the Bible supports the Right Wing.

Whether they are denying the rights of women, the poor and minorities, or relinquishing the rights to drink clean water and breathe healthy air, the GOP is always on the religious, but wrong side of history.

But one shouldn’t be surprised by their willingness to entertain spiteful, democracy-endangering lies. When was the last time Republicans accepted a politically inconvenient fact? It’s been more than 40 years that the GOP prefers delusions over truthfulness.

A strong majority of Republican voters backed the Democratic COVID relief bill, which means it enjoys overpowering national support — 83% to be exact, according to a CBS poll. Think about that: the bill represents the signature legislative priority of a brand new Democratic president, and during this era of supposedly iron-fisted political polarization, eight out of 10 Americans hope Biden scores a win with the bill.

According to a survey by The Washington Post, despite the complete lack of evidence of any significant fraud, only 27 Republican members of Congress were willing to say that Joe Biden won. And 46% of those Republicans blamed President Biden, and 58% blamed Democrats in Congress.

What do people think is the chance of them working with Democrats to reunify and strengthen our country?

Andrew Tasker, Lewiston

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