I applaud Sen. Susan Collins’ recent decision to withdraw her co-sponsorship of the Equality Act. This bill will only give special rights to transgenders, which is ironic because the Constitution already provides protection for the rights of all Americans, regardless of their “identity group.”

The biological definition of one’s sex would be replaced by one’s perception of their gender identity. There is a clear difference between the two.

The Equality Act could be devastating to girls and women’s rights. It could subject girls to possible humiliation and infringement of their privacy by sharing bathrooms and locker rooms with boys identifying as girls. This bill could discriminate against girls and women from competing in sports on a level playing field.

There is a lawsuit in Connecticut awaiting a decision for three female track athletes losing out on medals to boys transitioning to girls. Parents and anyone who objects would be called trans-phobic.

Health care professionals could be required to perform sex-reassignment procedures or offer related hormone treatment, even if such procedures contradicted their own best medical judgment.

I have no problem with transgender people. However, I do take issue with the careless disregard and exploitation of children. This isn’t progress; it’s regressive.

Kevin Landry, Lewiston

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