The Sun Journal reported March 18 (“One-shot Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine in short supply in Maine“) on how a 67-year-old woman could not get the vaccination she needed, because that type of vaccine is reserved only for teachers.

This is wrong. This is not a political thing. I won’t debate the merits of the governor’s policy of letting young, healthy teachers get in line with those in need, and those who meet the age requirements. That’s a policy issue. Let’s support the concept behind that policy — that to open schools quickly, our governor is letting teachers get vaccinated even if they don’t meet other criteria.

However, should we let them take needed vaccination away from those that do have a need? How can any teacher have any credibility when they tell little Morgan, “Don’t cut in line — wait your turn,” if teachers get to elbow granny out of the way for what that teacher wants?

I think the solution is that no class of shots should be reserved for “just teachers.” The way to make this policy work is to let teachers get in line with everyone else, for whatever shot they would like to get. Many teachers may not want one shot versus another for their own personal reasons.

By letting everyone make the decisions that are right for themselves, we can all get what we need, when it is available. If teachers are allowed to cut and elbow others out of their way for what they want, then really what lesson are we to learn from our teachers?

Paul Fielding, South Portland

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