DEAR SUN SPOTS: I have two quality Fjords leather swivel chairs that I purchased at Pierce Furniture in Scarborough. They wobble, the screws fall out, and the chair feels very unsteady. I’ve contacted Pierce and they said they would send someone “when they could”, but never have. Would any readers know of someone who might be able to fix these chairs? I would be very grateful for any recommendation.—No name, no town

ANSWER: These high-end leather chairs, manufactured by a Norwegian company, have been in business for more than 70 years and the products are normally of high quality.

It sounds like the screws are stripped or may even not be the right ones if they keep falling out. Of course, you want to feel safe when you sit in your expensive chairs.

Remember, a squeaky wheel gets the grease. Are the chairs under warranty? Have you put your concerns in writing by filling out an email form on the store web site ( or written to customer service at [email protected]?  Have you spoken to the store owner or manager (883-1530)? Sometimes messages from busy employees to the right person to help with your issue get lost in the shuffle.

When you purchased your chairs, did you send in the warranty paperwork? Information about Fjords warranties and the contact information for their United States customer service department in New Jersey can be found here: . For your convenience, here is the telephone number is 908-788-0881. The email is u[email protected] .

Meanwhile, if there’s a handyperson in Sun Spots Land who could take a look at this type of chair to see what the problem is, please write in.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The warehouse store at the corner of Oak and Park Streets, which later became Sparks, was originally the Fantastic Fair. I recall a long, vertical, yellow sign with black letters that ran down the side of the building.—Bob, Minot

ANSWER: This is in answer to a question in the Mar. 16 Sun Spots. If any other readers have recollections of this building, please write in!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Regarding a recent request for someone to service stereo equipment (Mar. 26 Sun Spots), I had a very good experience with Longplayer Stereo Center, 146 Main St., Bridgton. Contact them at 207-647-8649. —No name, no town

ANSWER: Excellent! Into the Rolodex it goes.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Why is the word “Celtic” pronounced with a hard “c,” but the Celtics basketball team is pronounced with a soft “c” sound?—No name, no town

“Celtic” with a soft “c” reflects the way English-speakers approach as in the letter “c” before “e”.  When “c” is followed by an “e,” it’s usually pronounced as an “s”.

Classical Latin pronounces “c” as “k”. Latin forms the basis for numerous other languages, such as Italian, French and Spanish. With those languages, the hard “c” transformed to the softer “c” because it was easier to say, except in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

We all know that sports is a realm that holds fast to tradition. We Americans have adjusted to saying the word “Celtic” with a hard “c” when talking about music, language or culture, but when it comes to basketball, no way!

For a more in-depth explanation:

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