The election is over. The Electoral College voted Biden in. It’s an illusion that we vote for president; the college, in reality, can vote for whoever it wants. The talk about election reform is really how it can manipulate the most votes for its Democratic Party. Oh, the horror of having to register to vote.

It’s too difficult for citizens to figure out. It requires when they turn 18 or move into a new community to go to city hall once to register. Then unless they move they are done. If they brought civics class requirements back into the schools and the course for citizenship included how to register, it would be a moot problem. If people don’t know, they can ask someone.

Treating us citizens as morons is degrading and insulting.

I was a poll worker a few times and, even back then, I felt a little uncomfortable with people just coming up and giving a name and street number with no ID. I don’t think requiring it is a bad idea.

Oh, why isn’t the voting machine company simply showing its product can’t be hacked? It would stop all the noise.

Patricia Bernard, Lewiston

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