This is in response to Crystal Ward’s letter, “Praise for the American Rescue Plan,” which ran March 27.

The timeworn saying that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts comes to mind here, although cherry picking one’s facts may be more appropriate in this case. While good things do come into play for COVID relief, rents, etc., what the writer doesn’t mention is the amount of pork involved in the plan.

Other than brief complaints mentioned in the mainstream media talk shows, one has to turn to alternate news to find the pork. Thankfully two of our Maine delegation saw through it and explained why they voted against it. I would have expected no less from Susan Collins, but when Jared Golden faced us and said that less than 10% was for relief, I had to tip my hat to one of the few Democrats in Congress watching out for all of his constituents, rather than the party.

The writer must understand that we Republicans who dislike the plan will certainly not be returning any bailout money that we receive to the U.S. Treasury, per her suggestion, mainly because we’ll be footing the bill for it, but also because I have yet to hear of any Democrats who returned their tax cut under the evil Trump.

Jerry Hume, Turner

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