Corporations in Maine and this country have used public investments in education, health, and infrastructure to get to where they are. Meanwhile, much of the public is left poor and struggling.

It’s about time large corporations start paying their fair share instead of the rest of the population being left holding the bag.

Maine cut corporate taxes in 2018, taking resources away from the sorts of investments that help build strong communities and shared prosperity. Maine’s infrastructure has also gone neglected. These corporations use the same roads as we do. They just don’t pay a fair amount for them.

Imagine making a little over $1,100 a month while paying almost half your income for rent. If it wasn’t for the pandemic, I’d be trying to survive on $19 a month in SNAP benefits. Poor Mainers aren’t living; we’re barely surviving. But large corporations like Amazon and Walmart are doing better than ever.

I try to picture a Maine where everyone has financial security. Folks would make a living wage, instead of working 40 hours a week and still living below the poverty line. Every Mainer would have a guaranteed home. Our k-12 schools would be fully funded. Our kids wouldn’t owe a house worth of student loans just to get a good education. Hunger would be a thing of the past because there would be no food insecurity.

We could achieve some or all of these investments here in Maine by raising the corporate tax rate and closing tax loopholes.

Gina Morin, Auburn

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