Opinions expressed in April 2’s Sun Journal regarding Republicans call for rebuttal.

Remarks such as “Republicans…are a people lacking integrity…” (Leonard Pitts), and they are “the…most pathetic crop of needy nincompoops…” (David Griffiths’ quotation of Kathleen Parker) don’t move us in a productive direction. Divisive comments separate us into “We and They.”

Instead, let’s acknowledge each other as fellow citizens of a great nation facing great challenges.

The 70 million Americans who voted for Trump can’t be painted with a single brush.

I agree with the need to find valid information, but decrying FOX and lauding NPR is shortsighted. Balanced reporting requires a broad range of viewpoints, but also, critically, a broad range of topics.

NPR often lacks both. A discerning listener will note that the great majority of the topics broadcast appeal to the left, and worse, are presented with leftward bias. Its commentary almost universally omits input from thoughtful conservatives.

If one looks at FOX one may be surprised at the extent of liberal commentary. One example is the nightly “Special Report by Bret Baier” in which a panel (usually two right leaning, and one left leaning member) provides commentary.

Sure, one has to look for patterns of right-sided topic selection, but the point is this: we need to be open to opposing views, giving them a critical but open-minded appraisal.

To confront our challenges it’s vital that we move to the center and pull together, rather than take positions on the extremes and shout epithets.

Gregory D’Augustine, Greene

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