LIVERMORE FALLS — Selectmen will consider Thursday whether to approve an agreement for Jay’s sewer superintendent to oversee both towns’ sewer employees and operating the town’s wastewater treatment plant.

Action on the agreement was tabled Tuesday so selectmen who are not on a joint sewer committee could review it before voting on it. A committee made up of two selectmen from each town, both sewer superintendents and two town managers have worked on developing an agreement for several months.

Livermore Falls Selectman Heather Bronish said the initial discussion was about sharing manpower and equipment but it turned out not to be financially beneficial for Livermore Falls.

The new agreement would be sharing a superintendent between the two towns based on sewage treated at the Livermore Falls plant, Jay Sewer Superintendent Mark Holt said.

It would break down to 10% of time spent on the Jay collection system, 10% of the time spent on the Livermore Falls collection system and 80% of the time overseeing the wastewater treatment plant for the first year to see how it would work, he said. Each town would be responsible to pay its 10% share.

The 80% would be paid for using the sewage flow formula. This year’s flow rate is Jay, 58.2% and Livermore Falls, 41.8%. The sewage flow formula is decided annually, Holt said.

The cost breakdown would also be looked at each year and could be adjusted.

Time-wise, it looks to be the right time with Livermore Falls Superintendent Greg Given retiring, Holt said.

“Greg is retiring in June. We really need to get it done ASAP,” interim Livermore Falls Town Manager Amanda Allen said.

The Jay Select Board is scheduled to consider the agreement at 6 p.m. Monday at the Spruce Mountain Elementary School gym in Jay, Holt said.

Livermore Falls selectmen voted to table the agreement until 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the respective Town Office. The board will also continue review of a draft $2.75 million town budget.

Holt said there are default and termination clauses built into the agreement.

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