I am concerned with the proposed zoning regulation that will allow homeowners in Auburn to build an additional dwelling if they own a 12,000-square-foot lot. I worry about structures being shoehorned into neighborhoods, for the mere purpose of increasing the tax base, with no thought about how it would change the character of the neighborhood.

While the tax base would be increased, there has been no information, or even more importantly, study done, regarding the cost of increased services that would accompany such development.

The council meetings at which this was discussed were not well attended because people in Auburn take seriously the CDC warnings regarding gathering in small areas. This issue needs to be tabled until the weather and people’s hesitancy with gathering allows careful consideration and community input.

Isn’t it known that Auburn is among the largest cities — by geography — east of the Mississippi? This would seem to allow plenty of room for well-planned, well-considered development which would add positively to Auburn’s reputation.

Virginia Marczak, Auburn

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