To the Editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, Serge Abergel, director of communications of Hydro Quebec, wrote a letter of rebuttal to Jonathan Carter’s letter which explained in depth how the Megadams of HQ are starving the gulf of Maine of nutrients.

Mr. Carter stated facts are the truth, according to a documentary on ME PBS WORLD 1276, THE AGE OF NATURE, “UNDERSTANDING” proved that the demolition of a west coast mega dam restored the nutrient starved orca whale population.

Mr. Abergel shamed Mr. Carter for omitting certain facts, but Mr. Abergel conveniently omitted an important fact himself. The lands needed to create mega dams have been occupied by indigenous people for thousands of years. HQ, owned by the Canadian government, wanted their land for hydro power so they simply took it from them.

HQ was not even considerate enough to relocate the grave sites of their ancestral burial grounds before flooding it! The methyl mercury produced by the rotting submerged vegetation is causing cancerous tumors on the game fish, and poisoning their fresh water. Thirty-six percent of the affected people have not received compensation for their loss. For more on this see:

HQ stands to make an additional $41 million per month from this stolen land. A clear motive for all that sunshine HQ has been blowing up our skirts. Condoning the NECEC Corridor is encouraging more of this despicable land grabbing and crimes against humanity. Furthermore, HQ has refused to swear under oath that fossil fuel generators would not be restarted to compensate for the power lost to their own Canadian customers, if hydro power is diverted to the New England grid in Massachusetts as planned. Anyone can see this entire project is a shell game, and purely for profit.

I was astounded when I learned about the awful injustices being committed north of Maine’s border, so I joined SAY NO TO NECEC and met hundreds of others who also love Maine and stand up in opposition to this destructive project. I, and over 700 Maine volunteers collected more than 80,000 valid signatures to bring the fate of this corridor, which was forced upon Mainers behind closed doors with illegal deals, to a vote and let the people of Maine decide whether to keep it, or kill it. Contrary to Mr. Abergel’s claims of payment from fossil fuel companies, I did this without payment, therefore, he lied.

I am willing to swear to that under oath, if Mr. Abergel will also swear, under oath, that Canada will not restart fossil fuel generators when HQ fails to keep up with the demands of the New England grind.
In closing, I would like to leave the people of Maine with this thought: Between Mr. Abergel, communications director at HQ, and myself, a disabled American veteran, only one of us gets paid to write letters to the editor.

I will vote “yes” this November to kill this cruel, corrupt and for-profit corridor.

Peter McKeown

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