DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Sun Journal is putting together a Mother’s Day story about moms and their funny moments.

Through thick and thin, good times and bad, we’re sure your mom has tickled your funny bone in some memorable, even epic, way. Her reaction to your shenanigans, her practical jokes, comical missteps, off-beat sayings, or quirky words of wisdom — anything that mom has said or done that made you laugh is all fodder for this story.

How funny is your mom? Please keep it clean and don’t embarrass her (unless she says she doesn’t mind). And if you have a photo of her or — even better — both of you together, please attach it to your email.

Send your story and contact information, including your full name and hers and the towns where you both live to writer Karen Schneider at [email protected] before April 20.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I need recommendations on who can help me with window coverings. Some of them will have to be custom-made and I would prefer to work with a local company. If you have worked with someone you really like in the past year or two, I would like to know. — Peggy, no town

ANSWER: In the Rolodex, I have Gamache & Lessard in Auburn (782-0052, and Custom Window Decorators in Lewiston (784-4113,

Readers, if you have other places to recommend, you know what to do.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I need an update of telephone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses of classmates from 1959-1963 and anyone else who may have been in the Class of 1963 during this time at Leavitt Institute. I’m going to be planning our next gathering, which could be sooner than our scheduled 60th class reunion in 2023.

Are there any friends or relatives who can help find these class members: Merilyn Pulsifer Bates, Sandra Records Caldwell, Randall Jennings, Hilbert Lowell, Herbert Bacheldar, Thomas Burden, Harold Small, Lola Richardson, Richard Arsenault, Blanche Witham Arsenault, Shirley Tan Theabeault, Mary Mann Richardson, Karen Mann, David Newton, Joel Frosh, Patricia and Kathy Dube (married names not known), Paul Bedouin, Linda Sampson Gauthier, Sharon Farrar Philbrook, David Rose, Gary Jordan and Dale Talbot.

Staff members include Carol Howe, Claude Morin, Blaine Plummer, Seywood Ross and Mrs. Thorne.

Unfortunately, several of our classmates are deceased as are several of our former teachers. If you have any questions or need more information, please call me at 946-5579 or e-mail Linwood Gilbert at [email protected]

Sun Spots, thank you for all the work you do and for the pleasure you give to so many people. — Marion, Turner

ANSWER: This was published a couple weeks ago on a Monday and I want to be sure everyone who needs to reads it.

If anyone out there in Sun Spots Land is planning a class reunion this coming summer or fall and hope to gather a big crowd together, please write in.

When you list your “lost” classmates, be sure you have their names spelled correctly and it is helpful to have the names in alphabetical order so they are easy to spot.

This column is for you, our readers. It is for your questions and comments. There are only two rules: You must write to the column and sign your name. We won’t use it if you ask us not to. Please include your phone number. Letters will not be returned or answered by mail, and telephone calls will not be accepted. Your letters will appear as quickly as space allows. Address them to Sun Spots, P.O. Box 4400, Lewiston, ME 04243-4400. Inquiries can also be emailed to [email protected].

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