DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Rock House Teen Center at the junction of Alpine and Main streets in Norway, across from Oxford Hills High School, will hold a benefit perennial plant sale Saturday, May 8, from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.  Please call me at 207-539-2372 for information or to donate plants.—Howie, Norway

ANSWER:  A sure sign of spring is when these community plant sales that benefit nonprofit organizations start popping up.

Remember, if you just want to announce your event to encourage people to come, write to community news at [email protected], but if you need donations and volunteers; be sure to write to Sun Spots.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: On page C1 of the Apr. 14 Sun Journal there is a picture of bird-watchers at the Gulf Island Recreation Area in Lewiston. Exactly where was that picture taken and how can we get there? Where should we park?—Barbara, Lewiston

ANSWER: According to staff photographer Russ Dillingham, who was able to answer your question about parking, the recreation area usually is not crowded, but the parking is limited. If you are going out of town, just after Marden’s there’s the fire station. Right after it, take a left onto Switzerland Avenue. Take that street to the end, where the dam is closed off. The trail is a couple of hundred yards on the left. You can park on the side of road.

I hope you can go soon to enjoy exploring and taking your own photographs.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: On Friday, Apr. 9, I found a pair of chain saw chaps near the Livermore Falls/Wayne town line, on Route 133. Please call me at 207-615-3203 to identify the item if it belongs to you.—Diane, Livermore Falls

ANSWER: I am sure someone is missing their protective equipment. It is important to wear these while operating a chain saw, along with eye protection, protective gloves and other essentials, such as protective head gear and a cut-resistant jacket. Thanks for alerting Sun Spots and let us know if the chaps are claimed.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I am home schooling my two children, ages 6 and 8. They are interested in going on expeditions to look for and identify different minerals and rocks.

We are hoping other Sun Spots readers will recommend places where we might be able to find something interesting, not necessarily to take away, but just to look at take photos of, and identify. For example, we recently found quite a bit of quartz chunks on a small beach and were very excited. That find actually got them started on their quest.

We do not mind taking road trips around Maine and into New Hampshire to find things, and are hoping some kind Sun Spots readers with experience can give us some tips to get started on our rock collecting.—Bunny, no town

ANSWER: That sounds like such a fun and educational activity. Good for you! I love discovering rocks and minerals, especially along Maine’s beaches. I have quite a collection of rose quartz and smoky quartz of my own, and have found plenty of mica and marble over the years. I hope you get lots of advice. Please keep us posted on your project.

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