I feel a great sense of loss as a result of the recent deaths of two brothers, John and Tom Delahanty.

I got to know John in the halls of the State House in Augusta, where I would often see him there as a lawyer and lobbyist.

They both had that Delahanty look of their father and pleasant demeanor.

I was shocked again to hear of the death of John’s older brother Tom, who passed away this past week. Tom and I had parallel careers. He was the district attorney during my career on the Lewiston Police Department. Tom was a true professional, and it was always a pleasure to work with him on cases.

I would always tell Tom that I had to respect my elder since he was born the day before me.

As a young police officer, I had occasion to testify at trials where their father, Justice Thomas Delahanty, sat on the bench. What people may not know was the fact that their father had been an FBI agent prior to becoming a judge. I believe that’s why Tom had a special fondness for police officers.

I was truly honored when Tom asked me to write a letter of recommendation for him to be appointed by President Obama to become the U.S. Attorney a second time.

Maine has lost a couple of legal giants, coming from families of lawyers from Cliffords and Delahantys. They will be sorely missed as simply a couple of great guys.

Larry Gilbert Sr., The Villages, Florida

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