A beautiful May Basket, hung on a doorknob. Submitted photo

REGION — Wednesday, May 12 at 4:30 pm via Zoom. In days gone by when people of New England were separated by long harsh winters they often celebrated spring by hanging May Baskets. A small but festive container filled with goodies, wildflowers, even baked goods was hung on the recipient’s door.

A loud knock would summon the recipient and the bearers of the May Basket would gleefully shout “May Basket on You!” and then all would scatter. A chase ensued and the last person being caught received a kiss from the recipient of the May Basket.

The May Basket tradition is very old, originally a European tradition from the 1800s, it has evolved in many ways but is still celebrated and recognized by many as a sure sign that spring has arrived.

This activity is designed for youth in grades K-6. Learn some fun history and make a beautiful May Basket of your own to give to that unsuspecting someone!

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