JAY — Selectpersons voted unanimously Monday to set the joint sewer superintendent’s salary at $80,000 to oversee Jay and Livermore Falls sewer employees, collections systems and operation of the treatment plant.

The vote followed an executive session.

Mark Holt will become the joint sewer superintendent for Jay and Livermore Falls. Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal

Mark Holt of Livermore is the sewer superintendent for Jay and makes $65,840 a year. Both towns agreed earlier this month to accept an agreement for Holt to oversee sewer operations in both towns and the Livermore Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Greg Given, the Livermore Falls sewer superintendent, will retire in June.

Holt will remain an employee of Jay and will report to the town manager of Livermore Falls.

He will spend 10% of his time on the Jay collection system, 10% on the Livermore Falls collection system and 80% overseeing the wastewater treatment plant. Each town would be responsible to pay its 10% share.

The 80% would be paid based on the sewage flow formula. This year’s flow rate is Jay, 58.2% and Livermore Falls, 41.8%. The percentage of the flow formula is expected to rise on Jay’s side because all of that town’s sewage is now going to Livermore Falls to be treated.

Jay would pay his salary and Livermore Falls will issue a credit to Jay in the monthly operation and maintenance bill for wastewater treatment. The average monthly bill to Jay is between $15,000 and $20,000, Holt said previously.

In another treatment plant matter, selectpersons authorized Holt to get prices to build a 16-by 28-foot addition with a 4-foot overhang at the treatment plant. A sole bid for the addition came in at nearly $395,226, about four times the anticipated cost, Holt said. The addition would contain a superintendent’s office and a conference/training/meeting room. The overhang would be over a new heating system and the whole building will receive new siding and new roofing.

The project would be paid for through the plant’s joint reserve account.

Holt believes there could be significant savings for the towns by him acting as general contractor to coordinate the project and use local materials and contractors from various fields.

Once he compiles the information, he will return to both Select Boards for action on the project. Livermore Falls selectmen authorized Holt to get prices on April 20. He will also explore the possibility of a small modular unit to be set beside the existing control building.

The overall plant is expected to undergo a $12.2 million upgrade with both towns paying half.

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