100 Years Ago: 1921

W. L. Morse, an Auburn truckman is having the building which he occupies as his office and general headquarters for his trucking business, moved from 129 Turner Street, to a lot on Hampshire Street, opposite the Auburn Wood Heel Co. Building.

50 Years Ago: 1971

The ice cover at Lake Auburn now is officially gone. Game Warden Robert Tribou of Minot said Monday night the ice had driven some ice cover into the North Auburn area but that otherwise the main lake surface is clear. This is one of the latest ice-out dates. At what time the actual ice-out will be placed is anyone’s guess as there is no official time set by the warden. On Sunday night, the cover was actually gone but Warden Tribou did not want to say at that time that the lake had shed its winter cover. In 1940, the ice didn’t go out until May 6. The driving rain on Monday reportedly had much to do with finally clearing the main lake surface.

25 Years Ago: 1996

On a local radio show, Prince Charles is mocked as “Big Ears.” But as he mingles with the people of the prairie heartland the man likely to become Canada’s king encounters some of his most faithful and forgiving subjects. The prince’s 24-hour swing through Manitoba on Wednesday and Thursday brought him to Canada’s most staunchly loyalist region. A recent poll showed the prairies’ support for rating the monarchy at 56 percent, the highest  rating in Canada, “The monarchy we have is the Greatest monarchy ever — the pageantry, the pomp of the ceremony,” said retired railway clerk Sid Davey. “It’s precious to Canada.” Charles’ one-week visit to Canada has revived debate about whether the vast nation — its British heritage transformed by waves of immigrants from other cultures — should dump the monarchy and choose its own head of state. Even Charles’ admirers view the visit as a chance for Canada to assess whether they want him as their king after his mother, Queen Elizabeth.

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