DEAR SUN SPOTS: I would love to find a 1970 Rumford High School Yearbook for my sister’s birthday in May. She had an apartment fire years ago, and her yearbook was burned to ashes. It is my heartfelt hope that someone has a yearbook which I can borrow to copy, or know where I can purchase one. It would be such an amazing gift as my sister, who lives in Michigan, is always lamenting about her lost yearbook. Can anyone help? Please call 783-7088 and leave a message. Thanks so much! — Pam, no town

ANSWER: This sounds doable. Have you tried contacting the school to see if they have extra copies archived? Or perhaps the town office or library has one. I’m also envisioning a generous classmate stepping forth to answer this request. Please let us know what happens.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Does anyone know how to keep cats off the furniture? I bought a citrus spray which was a waste of my money. Maybe someone has a home remedy that works. Thank you for all you do for all of us. — Barbara, Turner

ANSWER: I’ll be interested to hear what readers have to say on this topic. My daughter has three cats and she took the time to train them by spraying them with a mist of water every time they jumped onto the kitchen counter and other places where she didn’t want them. It took about a month of consistent reacting on her part but it did eventually work. I’ve also seen some cat owners use a clicker.

Your kitty may simply want to jump onto the furniture to get a better view of the birds outside or settle in for a catnap in the sun. If that’s the case, you may want to reposition your favorite recliner or couch to a place where there isn’t such an inviting view.

As far as scratching furniture goes, cats will often do that because they’re bored. Giving them something more appropriate to dig their claws into, such as a scratching post or box, will hopefully keep them off your $2,000 sofa.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I just finished reading the question in the April 27 Sun Spots regarding why there are so many animals from out of state up for adoption. I do know that my daughter adopted a dog from another state a couple years back that was sent to the ASPCA from a state that had experienced tornadoes and their own shelters were overrun and the owners couldn’t be found. If the animal is not microchipped they are given another chance at life by sending them to safer places. I am sure the weather we have had across the country within the past couple years has a lot to do with it. — No name, no town

ANSWER: I agree with your reasoning. Fires, tornadoes, flooding and hurricanes are more rampant now and oftentimes cause pets and their owners to become separated. It really is a sad situation and I can’t even begin to imagine being the pet or the owner.

The good news is that there are kind animal-lovers out there who take in a pet, and sometimes another and another, with open arms. Sometimes they travel miles to do so.

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