I write in rebuttal to Cal Thomas’ April 25 column, “The Chauvin verdict.”

Thomas agreed the evidence amassed against Derek Chauvin proved him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. However, that seemed to trouble him. Because he reverses field, and suggests demonstrations, riots, and looting influenced the jury, media, and public opinion. That assertion contains enough brazenness to choke a horse. He maligned the jurors’ integrity by suggesting peripheral issues pressured them to render a guilty verdict. However, Thomas allowed peripheral issues to impair his ability to distinguish fact from folly.

For example, he states in his April 1 column, “The George Floyd Narrative,” that it’s difficult to change a narrative once it’s established in the public’s mind. After Chauvin murdered Floyd, the Minneapolis Police Department issued a press release that said Floyd died after a medical incident. Oh. They said Floyd physically resisted, and died due to medical distress. Huh.

By design, they savaged transparency and truth. They omitted that Chauvin constricted his airway, by grinding his knee into Floyd’s neck, for over nine minutes, causing his heart to stop beating and for him to stop breathing.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arredondo testified that Chauvin violated department policy by pressing his knee into Floyd’s neck while he was handcuffed and distressed. Furthermore, Chauvin refused to render first aid to Floyd. Arrendondo, the department’s sanctioned leader and an administrator imbued with expert power, explained how and why Chauvin violated policy. Yet, Thomas omitted all of Arrendondo’s testimony from his column.

Lt. Johnny Mercil, a use of force instructor, testified that officers were instructed to place their knee against suspects’ shoulder or back, and to avoid their neck if possible. Mercil instructed Chauvin how to exert lawful force against suspects. Mercil’s testimony brimmed with relevance. Yet, Thomas’ vigilance for the truth faltered, and he omitted any reference to Mercil’s testimony in his column.

Thomas lambasted Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Vice-President Kamala Harris, and President Joe Biden for what he considered their outrageous comments. Yet, he never denounced Chauvin’s murderous actions under the color of law.

Thomas swallows a camel, but gags on a gnat.

Marc Greenwood, Camp Hill, Alabama

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