DEAR SUN SPOTS: On Saturday, May 22, Danville Junction Grange, located at 15 Grange Street in Auburn, will be holding an outdoor yard sale from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

There will be many raffles, baked goods, jewelry, plants and lots of “treasures” for sale.  There will also be a limited amount of tables for rent for $20. You may call Maynard Chapman at 312-5591 if you are interested in securing a table.

Danville Junction Grange is one of the largest granges left in the state of Maine, as many granges have had to close their doors. We have tried to maintain our hall and have had to make many repairs in recent years. Our latest project is the replacement of the roof and we need the help of the community to do this. Monetary gifts would be greatly appreciated. We hope that many of our friends and neighbors will turn out to help the sale be a success.

In accordance with the Maine Center for Disease Control, masks and social distancing will be requested. Thank you, Ms. Sun Spots, for helping us spread the word! What would our community ever do without you? — Member of Danville Junction Grange, Danville

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Leavitt Classes of 1980 and 1981 will hold a combined reunion at the Vista of Maine in Greene on Sept. 19 from 1 to 5 p.m.

Our next reunion meeting will be on Sun, Jun. 6 at 3 p.m. at the Ricker Tasting
Room in Turner. — Heidi, no town

ANSWER: I think it’s a great idea to combine reunions. Remember, if any high school reunion committees need assistance in locating classmates, you can send me a list and we’ll get the word out!

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I need your help as my treadmill has died. Do you know anyone who can repair it? — Rick, Lewiston

ANSWER: I would start the search by calling the company that manufactured your treadmill. They should have a listing of those that repair the equipment in the area. Another idea is to call a workout center or gym nearby and ask if they have someone they use when their machines need repair. Unfortunately, Maine Treadmill Repair only services equipment in the winter months and just closed for the season. Stan Hallet will be back on the job in November and I’m sure you don’t want to wait that long.

If readers have someone they can recommend, please write in.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Minot Historical Society has been working hard for the past few years to restore the parsonage of the Center Minot Congregational Church, known as the Rev. Elijah Jones Home. We are pleased to announce our Open House schedule for 2021. The home will be open for visitors and tours the first and third Sundays of the month starting June 6. (closed July 4th) until we close for the winter months.

The home is located at 493 Center Minot Hill Road in Minot. The Center Minot Congregational Church, dedicated Nov. 25, 1846, is also part of the Society and is open by request.

ANSWER: Excellent! I’m so glad your project is completed and you’ll be open so people can admire your hard work.

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