FARMINGTON — During its first meeting of the year Tuesday, the Franklin County Budget Advisory Committee elected Tiffany Maiuri, a Wilton selectperson, as the chairwoman.

Maiuri told the committee that they all have different opinions and are likely to disagree on some matters and agree on others, but asked them to respect each others opinions and to remember they are representing their communities.

The board also decided to ask all department heads to attend the budget meeting at 5:30 p.m. next Wednesday, May 12, at the county courthouse to explain their budgets. The committee will review a proposed overall $7 million spending package for 2021-22 that begins on July 1. The meeting is expected to last two hours.

The proposal reflects an increase of $256,128, without factoring in anticipated revenues. Maiuri said she will request that anticipated revenues be available at the upcoming meeting.

Of the total amount, commissioners are proposing a county budget of nearly $4.7 million and a jail budget of about $2.3 million.

This year’s county budget, not including the jail, is $4.54 million. Part of the proposed increase in the budget is the addition of a new human resources/administrative position that is budgeted at $38,870 and a wage adjustment of $15,000 in the commissioners’ office. The overall commissioners’ office spending plan is $71,477 more than this year.

The jail budget represents an increase of $52,919 more than the current budget.

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